Creamy Hair Wax (Emulsion doesn't work)

MrHatchMrHatch Member, Quarantine
Hi everyone

My formulation is this:

Water 30%
Cremophor A (C-25) 25%
Shea Butter 15%
lanoline 10%
Peg 40 HCO 14%
Jojoba Oil 5%
fragance 1%

Unfortunately I failed in the attempt, the emulsion has completely broken (Its appearance is like "crushed ice")  I mix it with a mechanical stirrer, It doesn't work and I don't know what could be doing wrong

I have thought that cremophor A is not the right one, and to be right that another emulsifier would recommend me? Or maybe, the amount of water that i've used is very minimal ?

It would be wonderful to be able to collaborate with your tips to achieve the wax

Thank you very much


  • em88em88 Member
    From a quick look I see you are using three emulsifiers in high concentration, the problem is most likely in the HLB value. 
  • MrHatchMrHatch Member, Quarantine

    What hlb value do you consider that it has the product of the image that I take as an example? Maybe, 4-7 hlb?
  • em88em88 Member
    It doesn't matter what the reference product HLB is. In any case you will need the exact formula, including concentration to know the HLB value. What matters is to calculate your own formula HLB and choose the right emulsifiers for that.
  • Bill_TogeBill_Toge Member, Professional Chemist
    you've only got a high HLB emulsifier in the formula (ceteareth-25); to form a stable emulsion you'll need a low HLB emulsifier too (e.g. steareth-2)
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