Looking for Lip Gloss Batch and Fill

We currently have our own formulas and our own bottling. 2 sizes of small bottles for the lip gloss. 2ml and 6ml. Looking for small runs of about 3000-3500 per sku. Have 10 skus. 


  • Anyone?
  • STERON PACKAGING--Ernie Steron  cell 908-804-0774. have used many times for small to large runs.
  • sorry the name is Ernie Brina  ebrina@steronpackaging.com
  • I'll give him a call. Thank you!

  • Well, does anyone else have any suggestions for me? Have formula and bottles, need someone to recreate and bottle our small quantities. 
  • Pitty I am in Israel. :(
  • @javier76 drop me an email if you are still stuck.  Pending the number of colors and qty I might be able to help you.  If it is just a formulation that you already have, I can cost it out for you.  nancy@designerbeautylab.com I service clients worldwide.
    Color Expert/Formulator

    Lots of Make-up, Thermoplastic & Cosmetic Formulations - Color Expertise, Adhesives, Color Matching (including oxidized hair color), Consulting. R&D. Collaborations Welcomed.   
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