Cucumber fruit extract production - how to preserve?

We started to produce organic cucumber fruit extract with cold process which is intended to be used in our moisturizing cream. Now I would like to conserve them for winter production period. One of the conservation method is using glycerin water solution (50-80% Glycerin for 50-20% fruit extract). The problem is that even 50% glycerin is too much when I use it in my formulas. This prevents me to use more that 10% cucumber extract. So What if I will not use glycerin at all, and preserve the extract with combination of Phenoxyethanol, sorbic acid, caprylyl glycol? What about sterilization and pasteurization?  Now we do not sterilize the extract. Only tools and containers. 


  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    I don't think this is a good route. I would freeze it for storage.
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  • Hi Belassi. Thanks for comment. I found such product in makingcosmetics store. I used It in my formula. So I thought glycerin water solution is recommended method. The same problem is with Apricot fruit extract. Maybe the freezing is the better solution.   
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