Periodic table chemist jokes

PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
Just a little fun for a Monday afternoon.  Do you have any periodic table jokes?  I made up a few.

1.  What kind of cat is made of Neon, Iron, and Lithium? FeLiNe

2.  What kind of cat would you get if you replaced the Iron and Neon with Cobalt and Calcium?  CaLiCo

3.  What US state do you get when you split Oxygen with Hydrogen and Iodine?  OHIO

4.  What would you get if you mixed Uranium, Fluorine and Nitrogen?  FUN

Ok, back to work.  Feel free to add your own. 


  • DoreenDoreen Member
    edited June 2017
    Very funny hahaha

    This may not be a periodic table joke, but fun anyway:
    I almost peed my pants when I was reading this post, look for @MarkBroussard 's comment.  :D

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