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I have a question about making a topical solution with Sodium Thiosulfate (STS). The topical solution I want to make is for dermatological purpose and will be applied on the skin. I have done some research on Sodium Thiosulfate and know that it is safe for topical application in a small dosage (less than 25% solution). However, as far as I know STS does not penetrate very deep into the skin. The thing is that I want a solution that penetrates deeper into the skin (at least epidermal layer and preferable dermal layer). I am aware that there are risk concerning deeper skin penetration but STS is generally considered safe in small dosage and I will take great care when experimenting with this potential solution.

A little more information about the solution:

- Needs to contain a penetration enhancer that is easy to use but penetrates deeper into the skin

- Needs to be easy to create because I am not experienced in the field of chemistry and I am not capable of understanding difficult chemistry steps unless the explanation is very clear. Also I do not have access to advanced chemistry tools only basic domestic tools 

- As few chemicals involved as possible, preferable only the STS and the penetration enhancer (and maybe water or something like that)

- The chemicals must be considered safe for topical application on human skin

In short the solution needs to consist of as few chemicals as possible and should be easy to create. I have considered DMSO as a chemical to solute STS in but there are some drawbacks that I am not too happy with. So I am looking for alternatives, DMSO is still the best candidate at the moment. Any help would be appreciated. If you have things to keep in mind for me when doing this, then tell me as well.

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    This is not something that any of the professionals here can give advice on - you're an amateur making a pharmaceutical, and the potential liability is staggering.
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  • Okay, I understand.
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