Seeking Chemist for Antioxidant Mist

Hello! I am seeking a chemist and manufacturer to help me develop a skin care mist. Someone that has experience in working with antioxidants preferred. Looking to complete formulation and do a run of 500-2000 units depending on cost. Please comment if interested :).


  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    What is the purpose of this "antioxidant mist"?
  • WE do considerable work with antioxidants but need more info.Why a spray and what are you using for spray-drying time etc??also can have 1-2K units made
  • It would be used to add a light layer of moisture to the skin before applying makeup, and to refresh makeup throughout the day. It would be a spray because 1. It feels refreshing and good to apply 2. It is easier to apply a fine layer all over with a spray (the point is to not have to add a lot of product to the face before putting on makeup) and 3. It is easier to apply over makeup to refresh throughout the day without messing up your makeup with spray. The antioxidants would give a boost to the formula to help with free radical damage. 
  • should not  be  difficult formulating:problem however spray contact with eyes may cause concerns as:even water can sting and/or cause mild conjunctiva effects(redness) in some people.
  • Hello,

    My name is Emily Flemer and I am the New Business & Client Support Specialist for Debut Development, LLC. We are a small (5,000 units or less), OTC certified manufacturer in Florida and have been in business for approximately 2 years. 

    My email is

    If you have any questions, let me know. 
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