How do Contract manufacturing firms get their clients

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Our marketing company is about to partner with some contract manufacturers in prospecting for clients globally. From cosmetic industry perspective, what best possible strategy can be employed to secure clients around the world.

Tips and ideas will be highly appreciated.


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    This is a chemists forum not a marketing forum.
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    Email marketing.
    Social Media engagement.
    Partner with IFSCC & SCC
    Beauty Trade shows

    But as @Belassi said, this is a forum of chemists & formulators. There is not a lot of marketing expertise here.
  • @Belassi @Perry, Thanks for your comments.
  • he Interestingly enough, we have our own brand that we produce for, but these days 80+% of our business is OEM/Private Label. It was never intended that way, but it pays the bills. We have done zero marketing (wouldn't know where to start) apart from the usual social media engagement that I do myself.

    We turn a lot of enquiries away, and as a small company we only take on what we can manage. What brings business to us is (i) a reputation for integrity, (ii) distinctive product offerings that can be differentiated in the marketplace, (iii) transparency, and (iv) quality.

    While not a marketing person myself, from our own experience it would seem that your marketing company could consider building a strategy around the four areas I have identified.

    Another personal observation in the marketing arena. I had an opportunity in a mega mall to survey and experience all of the top cosmetics brands in one location (OK, over a massive mall - but easily accessible). Something that struck me is that at the end of the day all the brands are very similar with regards to the in-store shopping experience, and the products themselves. You wonder if many of the brands are using the same contract manufacturer? The only brand that stood out as being different was Aesop.
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    Try LinkedIn for SCC and other cosmetic groups.
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