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Hello Everybody

I will try to keep this as brief as possible. I currently own a very small make up brand, getting my products made in Asia. While their services have so far sufficed, as my brand grows I know I need better formulated products. The product I am selling right now are LIQUID TO MATTE LIPSTICKS.

There are some very major pluses to producing in Asia, namely; low cost per item, low minimum order, speed, and the fact that the factory I use has all the components of making my product under one roof (chemist, colorist, production, filling, packaging etc). However they have failed at custom making me a new formula and new colors. 

I am in search of a new team. Ideally I would like an all under one roof just like my current manufacturer, however I am not at all apposed to work with different people for each stage.  I am also happy to work with anybody anywhere in the world, all I ask is that they are skilled at their job and have a competitive price.  I just want great products for my customers.

Like I said I am a new business so my budget is low, however if I find someone/people who are great I will work with you for the long term. I am planning to add at least four more product lines to my brand this year and in an ideal situation use the same team for all.

This is what I need 

-  Custom Formulation
- Custom Colours
- Packaging 
- Filling/Production

If I  have missed anything part of the process please feel free to comment. Also, feel free to add estimated prices.


Look forward to hearing from you all.

*sorry for any typos, I am writing this at 3am.


  • I wouldn't give up on your Asian source.  Failing on first tries attempting to meet a particular demand from a client can (and does) happen with very competent chemists everywhere. It's often a trial and error game.  Just be very polite and communicate patiently what you didn't like and what you think is needed to meet your requirements.

    Be prepared to repeat that testing and feedback multiple times until you get what you are seeking.  Lots of the Chinese contract manufacturers have very good contacts themselves outside of their businesses and they will go outside to achieve your objectives.  I've successfully done business in China, Japan and Indonesia.  It's worth it to keep at it, learning how to communicate more skillfully.  Stick with your supplier as long as he is willing to be working with you.

    Plus, don't be afraid to make arrangements and then go over for visit (it's an investment you won't regret). I've made many trips to Asia (some as far back as the 80's) and achieved goals that seemed futile when trying to accomplish them by letters, email and phone.

    Breaking bread (as the expression goes) with people you are working with goes a long way to cement good productive relationships anywhere in the world, but perhaps more so in the Asian cultures.
  • Hello

    Thank you for your response. 

    I heard and understand what you are saying, and I would like to continue working with the company I have but it is not working out. They cannot help me further mu business. I am in it so I know.

    Perhaps you can offer me some contacts of people you have worked with who can help?
  • I am told that this is a company that will meet and exceed the expectations you listed above.

    Please be prepared for MOQs going in thousands and tens of thousands depending on the product.
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    Have you checked with Kolmar? Mana? Any of the established makeup contract manufacturers?
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  • I have not, no.
    But if they are established, would that no mean they have very high minimums for everything?
  • I have emailed both so hopefully I hear back. 
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    I think that your post crosses the line into spam. If you had stopped with the first paragraph, it would have been fine, but the whole advertisement was way too much.
    Robert Zonis, Sr. Formulation Chemist, Beaumont Products "All opinions and comments expressed are my own, have no relation to Beaumont Products, are fully copyrighted, and may not be used without written permission."
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    @Bobzchemist - I've added a new feature to the forum.  If you see questionable comments you can flag them and give a reason for flagging.  I agree this comment (which is the 4th essentially identical comment) needs to be edited.

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    Didn't Emily Flemer flood the forum recently with her spam?
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