Stearalkonium Chloride and centrimonium bromide suppliers to homecrafters

Does anyone know where a homecrafter can purchase either of theses items? I have been searching all over the internet and I have been unsuccessful. I'm in the USA, but would be willing to purchase from an international seller for a good price.

Or does anyone have small quantities to sell, like a pound or so? 


  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    Do you particularly need the bromide salt of cetrimonium?

    Cetrimonium (note spelling) chloride solution is readily available from numerous small-crafter suppliers.

    Stearalkonium chloride appears only to be available in small quantities as a semi-formulated product Incroquat CR
  • @johnb I already have centrimonium chloride and like it for detangling. I have been trying numerous formulas to make a hair conditioning treatment for my dry coarse hair, but none seem to be working the way I would like. currently my cationic of choice is BTMS 50 and behtrimonium chloride because they are most readily avaliable. but I havent been getting the silky softness afterfeeling I want from a conditioner, even after adding silicones and centrimonium chloride.

    I thought I might try another cationic emulsifier and see if it would give me different results. 
  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    The nature of the anion in cationic detergents has little or no influence on the performance. I doubt that you will detect any difference between cetrimonium chloride and cetrimonium bromide in their effect on hair.

    I had some success by moving away from quaternary ammonium cationics to alkylamidomethyl dimethylamine compounds (stearamidopropyl dimethylamine or behenamidopropyl dimethylamine) salts. The materials are supplied as the free base so you are free to introduce an anion of your own choice to complete the conditioner material. The lactate salt is often used.
  • ok thanks @johnb I am able to get stearamidopropyl dimethylamine from making cosmetics. I have been tempted to try that in my formula. since you have mentioned it maybe i will give it a try. Can I use citric acid to neutralize it? Since I already have it
  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    Yes I use citric acid and neutralize it to pH 3.5 initially. 
  • komirra - I'm interested to know how this worked out for you. I have a very similar issue.
  • @KMYoungster I just recieved my stearamidopropyl dimethylamine from making cosmetics today. In the the next day or so I will play around with it to see how a batch will turn out. Once I get a good batch and try it ill lt your guys know how it worked out for me! Are you also trying to formulate for dry coarse hair?
  • Unknown Member
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    I am curious to know how your experiment went also. I also have dry course hair but curly and have done a few hair conditioner experiments of my own. I have not used the ingredient you mentioned here but see it used a lot so I am curious. @komirra 
  • @Roseann ;I'll give a report back when I come up with a formula that I think can work. Ive been playing around with the conditioner SD a little but didn't like the consistency of the conditioner. its takes more fatty alcohol to thicken that BTMS 50 or BTCL. unfounately my pH meter started acting up too. I've been guessing how much citric acid to add to bring the pH down, which i know is a bad idea lol.
  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    unfounately my pH meter started acting up too
    - were you using it to measure cationic emulsions by any chance? The cations stick to the glass electrode and ruin it. I only use multipad pH strips to measure cationic stuff.
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  • OMG @Belassi yes that is exactly what I have been using it for. I never knew that. That makes so much sense. When I was only measuring the pH of shampoos didn't have this problem.  When I used it for conditioners it started acting up. but now it only reads 4.5 pH for EVERYTHING... even when i know it isn't.

  • @Belassi I stayed away from using pH strips because I heard that they can be very inaccurate. Is this true? What brand of pH strips are you using? 
  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    "KKJC2" test strips come in a variety of types. I have both 5-pad (general purpose) and 2-pad (more accurate, limited range) ones. They're accurate enough.
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  • thanks I got pH strips to. gonna try the conditioner SD again this weekend.
  • Just wanted to give an update on how my experiment with conditioner SD is going. I finally got pH strips (worked out very well!) thanks @Belassi.

    I made a successful prototype formulas that I am still tweaking, but I have used it to good success. I feel the SD made a difference on the initial smoothness of the hair and softness. I have made this formula before without the conditioner SD ( just behrimonium chloride) and I can tell the difference.  In case anyone is curious of my formula

    Formula start up

    water q.s
    conditioner SD 2%
    Bethremonium Chloride 2%
    hydrolized protein 2%
    citric acid ~ p.H 5
    ceatyl alcohol 7%
    coconut oil 2%
    aminodimethicone 1%
    CETAC 1%
    dimethicone 2% 

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