Pomade Hardening

I found this oil based pomade formula on this forum a while back and I thought I would give it a shot. I made some minor changes but nothing serious. 

Every time I make my formula and leave it to solidify, it turns rock hard and I can't get any out of the container. Could this be because I don't mix while it cools? That I have to melt my ingredients in a specific order?

Coconut Oil                                           _____28___% 
BeesWax                                           _____17___% 
Shea Butter                                       _____17___% 
Almond Oil                                       _____13__% 
Soy Wax                                             _____13__% 
Lanolin Oil                                          _____5__% 
Jojoba Oil                                            _____5__% 
Vitamin C                                         ____1__% 
Essential Oils                                    ____1__%



  • no you are using alot of hard waxes and oils. there isnt enough liquid oils for it to have a semi- solid texture. it have nothing to do with the order in which you add the ingredients, I would reduce the beeswax and/ or soy wax ( maybe try lowering by 5%) and increasing the amount of almond oil. play around with reducing the waxs until you get it to the texture you want.
  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    vitamin C??? Should be vitamin E?
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  • @Belassi ;
    Sorry made a mistake when typing. It is vitamin E
  • @komirra ;
    Thanks for the suggestion, I will definetly try that. What about the hold? Won't reducing the wax also reduce the hold?
  • yes it will. but if you cant even get the product out of the container it will be completely unusable. you could also try reducing/ replacing the shea butter with more liquid oil. that may be a better choice. shea butter isnt adding a ton of hold, it more of a texture benefit. so instead of reducing the wax you could reduce the shea butter by 5% until you get the right consistecy.
  • @komirra ;
    Thank you for your suggestions. I will try reducing the shea butter.
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