found the formula use by china manufacturer and claim natural?

hi guys, after googling for a while, i just came across these so called / 

"Natural formula Water Based pomade wax, Hair styles Excellent gel wax with good effect" 

by china manufacturer
so, i check the ingredient/material that have been use in the mixture :- 

petrolatum, ozokerite, phenyl trimethicone, kaolin, tribeheninin, mineral oil, oleyl alcohol, lanolin, slilica, lanolin alcohol, entha piperiata oil, fragrance, propyl paraben, mica, iron oxides.

by china manufacturer

can somebody verify these material?

thank you


  • The list of ingredients does not correspond to the appreance of the products illustrated on your link e.g. a product containing mica or iron oxide would not be transparent.

    There is no water in the declared formula thus the title "water based" is incorrect.

    Phenyl trimethicone is completely a product of the chemical industry, not nature. It is very unlikely that the propyl paraben is naturally sourced, likewise the fragrance
  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    That gotta be the worst copying I have seen of an LOI, don't trust a single word of it please. As @johnb pointed out, how can a water based pomade be without water in LOI. And Kaolin among other things, that says a lot about the gravity of imperfection here. 
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