Gluten Free and NSF Certifications For Colour Cosmetics - Are they worth it?

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We are contemplating obtaining 'Gluten Free' and 'NSF' Certifications for our organic Lip Stick, Lip Gloss and Mascara products.  Can anyone comment based on experience if getting these certifications are worth it?  Thank you.  


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Who is doing the certification?

    In reality, it depends on whether your consumers find the certification compelling or not.  If the people buying your product will buy more because it is certified then it might be worth doing.  However, if your consumers don't care, you shouldn't bother.
  • Thanks for the response.  The certifying company is Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG).  We share your position and rationale and we will conduct a market test of the customer base to understand if they care about Gluten Free & NSF certified items or not.   
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    I have to eat gluten free and I'd care. Red apple lipsticks and afterglow cosmetics have gluten free certification and I buy from them based on that. Do you have a website?


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    Thanks for the comments.  We completely agree with your sentiments.  Our website will be up and running by Dec this year / Jan 2015 and we will definitely keep you informed. 
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