Sodium carboxymethyl beta glucan

Hoping that someone can share a ballpark figure of what this ingredient costs in the 1-5 kg pack size range.

I have three quotes from dealers in the US. There is an almost $8,000 variation in the per kilo price!


  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    Suppose it depends on the origin of the beta glucan.

    Beta glucan can be drived from cereals (esp. oats) and from micro-organisms (esp. yeast). There are huge differences in the commercial scale and yield of these materials which, no doubt, corresponds to the price hike.

    Are you claiming any special attributes to the ingredient (e.g "made from yeast"? If not, and you are just using it as a thickener, then the cheapest product that does what you want it to do will be better.

    If you are making any natural claims, well, it is far from being natural  - the beta glucan having undergone vigorous chemical modification.
  • No special claims just "soothes and protects..."

    Was hoping to use it in a hydrolipid dispersion for irritated skin. Post peel, post sun, that sort of thing.

    Your answer about different feedstocks makes a lot of sense.
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