Seeking a supplier for/thoughts on Maltodextrin / VP copolymer

As the catchy title says, I'm in the UK and am looking for a supplier for Maltodextrin / VP copolymer.

The main reason I'm leaning toward this raw material is because it seems to be the only styling polymer I can get hold of in reasonable (under tonnes and mega kilo) sized quantities.

Has anyone used it? Would you recommend it? Are there better alternatives you think I could get my hands on?

The only supplier I have found so far is ...whilst I love their site...I'm not sure I want to pay double in postage what I am for the ingredient.
They sell via amazon here but it actually works out more expensive!

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated thank you


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  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    I assume you are rquiring BIOSTYLE CGP polymer from Akzo Nobel.

    The best thing to do is contact Akzo for information on where else you can get small quantities.

    Lots of info on Google.
  • Thanks for both of those, alas I had tried both before. You should see the list of suppliers I have contacted for various things over the years. I'm far too small for any of them to deal with unfortunately ...we're talking 10grams to 250grams for most of my enquiries at the moment.

    Have either of you used it before? Is it worth the worry tracking it down?
  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    I really wouldn't bother.

    As it states on the Biostyle blurb sheet:
    "BIOSTYLE CGP polymer delivers performance equivalent to PVP K-30 and
    PVP/VA in hair gel formulations."

    So, on their own recommendation, it is no better than PVP K-30 which you can get easily from eBay UK - OK it comes from Poland but, I have bought from that supplier and found them very reliable. Look under Polyvinylpyrrolidone.

  • Oh My God! That is one hell of a bargain!!! Can not thank you enough for that! Blimey!
    Seriously can't begin to explain how much of a headache you have saved me there mr! 
  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    Note that the Akzo/MakingCosmetics product is a 25% solution whereas the PVP K30 is 100% active powder - you only need one quarter as much.

    You may need more than a "dump-it-in-and-stir" method to dissolve the powder form but it should be fairly easy to do if you take it slowly and carefully.
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