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I received a small sample of Sodium Polyglutamic Acid from CPKelco, of Atlanta - from their San Diego distribution centre. I need to use it sparingly in testing as I only have 10 grams of it.

I have been advised to use at 0.2%. When I compose a 500 ml/gram sample, I will use 1 gram of it. I was using HEC at 0.85% in my formula before I received the Sodium Polyglutamic Acid. Can the HEC and SPA be used togther effectively, or do they sort of become a repeat of one another? Can anyone advise me on how using two similar ingredients such as these will affect the humectant and emulsifying properties of my final formula?


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    Mike I suppose that the sodium salt salt has an altogether different function if you go through the papers on it, HEC is going to impart viscosity and since it is a robust thickener the salt will have little effect on its thickening. I think you can use the two together but if you are skeptical then try using a non ionic emulsion if it is indeed an emulsion. If not then stick to HEC or maybe xanthan and see the effect. The pH of 1% salt solution goes beyond 7 so I think indeed you might end up with a viscosity on a higher side with HEC.
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    Maybe you want to do a mask with natto... :P

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