Seeking advice on mixing wax and petroleum jelly

YoungLiaYoungLia Member
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I am going to try mix paraffin wax with petroleum jelly at varying ratio. 
At the moment I am not very sure how.

Desktop study seems to indicate I need to involve heating, mixing and cooling. However, I am not a fan of heating and cooling because;
1. the cost that comes with it
2. possible condensation of ambient water that may lead to microbial growth and/or mould.
Wonder if there is any other way to mix them at room temperature.
I am also worried it becomes lumpy.

Any tips on how to mix the two and avoid lumps?

Thank you.

Young, Lia


  • Bill_TogeBill_Toge Member, Professional Chemist
    there's no practical way to mix them other than heating, mixing until all the solids are melted, then cooling them back down again

    and they're both hydrophobic, so the mixture won't get water condensing on it
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  • Heating the two together is pretty straight forward, may I suggest going slow.  You will find that they will them blend well. Good Luck.   
  • Thank you for the replies.
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