Is there an all-natural and low viscosity oil?

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The goal is to thin a vegetable oil to spread easily to form a thin layer on top of approximately 60 sq cm of water. The flash point of the mixture must be >94° C to conform with ship by air regulations. Vegetable oil flash pts are > 225° so the flash point of additives can be < 94° as long as special manufacturing precautions are not required. The final mixture should be hydrophobic. 

Low viscosity is also required for the formulation to work properly in the delivery system. I cannot provide a more accurate description for "low viscosity". I've tried several formulations with varying results, so I'll have to use trial and error.

I've tested a variety of additives based on info from several sites. None of them helped. They are Peg 40 (close to natural, but not quite there), orange thinner, liquid lecithin, dish detergent and castille soap.

I am open to other approaches. Any help is highly appreciated.


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    Orange thinner? Do you mean Limonene?
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  • Fractionated coconut oil has very low viscosity (almost like water), and an >260C flash point. You might not have to thin it at all to get the layer you want. You can buy some online without much trouble. INCI is Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, which should help you find it. Best of luck!
  • It isn't a natural ingredient but would you consider Cyclopentasiloxane? Its a volatile lipid/solvent. It will thin the vegetable oil your talking about, is low molecular weight and has awesome skin feel. The only issue is the flashpoint.
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