Where to find glyoxylic acid

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Hi guys 
Im from South Africa and looking for Glyoxylic Acid  but i cant find it,i need it to make an hair treatment formula for curly and frizzy hair,
can i prepare it my self,what i found after searching its a compound of 2 chemicals!
plz if any one can help .


  • Bill_TogeBill_Toge Member, Professional Chemist
    you might be able to make it; can you get hold of maleic acid, and do you have the equipment to carry out an ozonolysis reaction?
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  • hi Bill 
    yes i can get maleic acid,but what equipment i need?
  • http://www.makingcosmetics.com/Glycolic-Acid_p_1100.html
    for small home production they also see pails. hopes this helpss
  • thank you Zolveria
    what im looking for is Glyoxylic Acid its not same as Glycolic Acid.
  • do you have experience with glyoxylic acid in hair relaxing ? if u use it befor ?

  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    I do. I am developing a product. But if you want to ask a question you need to start a new thread.
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  • DavidWDavidW Member, PCF student
    I believe it is the main ingredient in some formaldehyde free "actives" .  I think a chemyunion and something called Proliss
  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
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    To baldly state that glyoxylic acid is "a compound of two chemicals" shows a fundamental lack of understanding of chemistry. Ozonolysis (as suggested by Bill, but I don't think he was serious in his suggestion) is a particularly dangerous synthetic procedure - even for those with knowledge and experience.

    I always take the view that if a raw material is difficult/impossible to obtain for development work then the likelihood of it being available in commercially useful quantities is zero.

    I then start looking at a new approach.

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