How to "stir" body wash when adding final ingredients?

So, it looks like we'll be shipping in the following piece of equipment to help in the production of our liquid body wash:

(This came at the recommendation of several members here!)

Regarding the blending done during the saponification/'tracing' stage, I'm looking at (but have not actually committed to) the well-known "Waring Big Stix" immersion blender.

Ok, so here's my question: after we dilute the soap base, we add a bunch of other ingredients. Guar gum + glycerine, some essential oils, aloe vera, jojoba oil.. I think that's it (might be missing one or two). Right now, we're mixing by hand. It's very tiresome, but gets the job done.

We tried using a household immersion blender to "mix" everything - BAD decision. It made everything super bubbly and foamy and ruined the batch!

So - is there an electric tool that is recommended for the *stirring* of the product with its final ingredients? Or is doing it by hand best?

If we get the Waring Big Stix immersion blender, does it go to a sufficiently low enough speed that I might use the "whisk" attachment (I've seen it online) to stir without causing a horribly foamy/ruined product?

Just looking for something low speed to stir and save on physical strain.

Thank you!!


  • Can you change your order of addition? so you can high speed mix the guar gum & glycerin before you add it to the soap base?

  • Sure we can, it's all quite unprofessional at the moment!

    So you suggest using a high speed immersion blender to mix the guar gum with glycerin before adding both to the rest of the batch? Sure can do-

    And how would you recommend stirring the entire batch to completion?

    I see some 'slow speed mixers' here:

    ..But unfortunately nothing for the 6 gallon tank we're going to order.. and also it's crazy expensive..
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