How to buy quality raw ingredients from Alibaba?

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I would like to buy raw copper peptides GHK-cu in small bulk. 10grams. What are some ideas about getting quality assured ingredients?  Other bulk buying options? Thanks.


  • You might get lucky. You might not. I have bought ingredients from China (glycyrrhizic acid) and had no problems with quality. However, I have to say, the supplier certified the powder as something else entirely, because its export is actually controlled due to shortages. So it was risky.
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    You better have a good specification sheet and certificate of analysis. Maybe an independent lab should analyze it.
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    Personally, I never, ever buy ingredients from China.  Unless you have a COA, I would not trust anything coming from China.  And, they're not above faking the COA.
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  • Thanks for the feedback. I want quality and safety first.  Any wholesalers of raw materials like GHK cu that you know of?

  • I found a great company that is based in Boston to buy my copper peptides from. They are called Active Peptide. They were responsive to my phone calls and questions. The thing that impressed me was companies like Skin Biology and Harvard buy their peptides from them. 
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    Thanks for the update.
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    1) Be a large enough company that you can afford to conduct your own analytical tests, or have a contract lab do them.
    2) Be able to make it clear to your supplier that you will be a repeat customer, and will buy from them often.
    3) Be willing and able to discard the entire product, and replace it with another from a different company, and write off the loss.

    Otherwise, buying chemicals from Alibaba has about the same amount of risk as dialing a random chinese phone number and ordering from whoever answers.
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