Have custom formula already and looking for manufacturer to produce

I have my chemist for my custom formulations and things are moving along nicely. I am a makeup artist and come from a marketing background so I have that covered. Packaging is also in the works. What I can't find is a manufacturer. The majority that I've reached out to are for skincare, private label, have crazy high minimums like 5000/sku, or will only manufacture custom formulations from their own R&D department.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I'd appreciate any leads as I am getting kind of frustrated :( 

Oh and I'm looking for 1000-2000 pieces per sku, for at least 20 products (10 shades of one foundation formula, and 10 shades of one concealer formula), and they must be able to source a number of organic ingredients.


  • Also I should note that I'd be happy having an even lower minimum like 500, but I'm realizing that's VERY challenging to find, so ~2000 seems more feasible.
  • BobzchemistBobzchemist Member, PCF student
    I don't have any advice for you other than to keep doing research and talking to manufacturers.

    The companies I've dealt with for color cosmetics that I consider reasonable are: Mana, Lady Burd, and Kolmar. 

    Probably the easiest thing to do is to hire a consultant to help you find a manufacturer. Yet - doing so would also keep you from gaining valuable knowledge about these contract manufacturers - knowing how they deal with prospective customers should give you an indication of how they'll deal with you going forward.

    This is a good reference site:
    as are HAPPI, D&CI, and the SCC national site.
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    a contract manufacturer will have a minimum batch weight required for manufacturing and filling to be physically feasible and financially worthwhile; this will depend on their equipment

    as colour cosmetics tend to have very low fill weights, the minimum order quantity tends to be high, unless they can reliably and consistently make production-quality batches in the lab
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