Suppy of Bio fair trade oils

Hello !
First of all, I want to thank to Perry for all his support.

I'm working on developing of a new cosmetic line on completely green range.

Production of our products will be delivered by a laboratory, as well than challengetest , sanitary registry and so on,  but we were completely free about ingredients/ supply and formulation ("we" are the team done by an aromatherapyst pharmaceutic and by me ), that we should give completely defined to laboratory.

Once we had defined formulations and raw materials, we had a great quality supply (from germany mostly), and we can think, ok, we are ready, but we thought we can do now we are not only searching Bio-eco-Natrue-ecocert, ingredients, but also those bio-eco proceeding from fair trade and
cooperation projects, if this is possible.

So far I have found a company in Senegal, which produces in small communities,and it supports microcredit projects for women. :-) (as a women both myself,and my colleague and having the possibility of choice, we want to try it!)
Apart from the beauty of the project itself,  this senegal company meet the quality standards required (ecocert-bio-natrue) that we will require for our further certifications. We will do short productions (of 500units) that depending on sale1s we will repeat each month(s?), so we need certifications comes from supply. Our lab will not ask for certifications, as this is not possible.
so certificated product only, that on this company seems ok.

But we need different raw materials ... and they can serve us only three oils of which use ..

So I'm searching for small producers/retailers of fair trade bio vegetable oils
(worlwide) or bio fair trade distributors (europe if posible) of these

oil, jojoba oil,avocado oil, apricot kernel oil,hempseed oil, date
kernel oil ,granate seed oil (Punica granatum),and raspberry seed oil ,
all of them in organic-bio grade, and fair trade

Do you know? Can you help?
Do you know that local factory-community-project-cooperative that produce a lovely oil? If yes I will be glad to present that option with a lovely plus.
I´m thinking about a crazy dream? I also appreciate your advice on this point, if you think that to prefer fairtrade to a serious-euro-supply, it´s only a "hippy dream" and it´s not reccomanded under your point of view
I will really appreciate your opinion.

Thanks in advance!



  • Hello!
    Anyone knows green-fairtrade suppliers? :-/

    I´t s a "silly idea"?
    If you think I´m wrong triying this kind of supply, please Let me know!!! I really would appreciate your opinion.
    Should we stay on euro-supply and let this idea go?

    Thanks in advance

  • hello mimoko,
    if you're from europe try
    hope it helps.
    best regards ,
  • Hi Ioana

    Thank you very much for your reply!
    It is Mayam from fairtrade source? I can´t find another information that a general ecocert certification...

    We are actually having supply with ecocert-naTrue-bio certificates ( Manske in germany and Lozano and cQjover-drStraetmans, in spain, for our ingredients ), but what we want is to improve the supply with that SUSTAINABLE- cooperative- fairTrade point :-)

    If not possible improve on this point we have already the basis suply  :-D

    But again, thanks for your reply and cooperation!

    Best regards


  • @mimosa

    The only oil/butter products I am aware of that are eligible for Fairtrade International certification are: Argan, Olive and Shea. 

    If you do a search for these products individually, you will find cooperatives in Morocco, Palestine and West Africa respectively. They may be able to point you towards their European distributors.

  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    Also Kpnangnan butter which is fabulous stuff but tough to obtain. Sometimes known as golden shea. Even higher in retinol and leaves a powdery skin effect.
    Cosmetic Brand Creation. Concept to name to IMPI search to logo and brand registration. In-house graphic design inc. Pantone specs. Cosmetic label and box design & graphics.
  • Thank you very much for your replies, Elise Cortes and Belassi

    I Know kpangnan, (P. butyracea) wich I personally use pure as an emergency super product for hair and skin. I lives in a place where summer is long, and I found kpangnang is the wonder rescue for beachy dry as nothing!  I get mine in bio quality from a french supplier...and is a LOVELY ingredient

    The "problem" for this is that we have already a closed formulation...

    About olive..I know!!! I lives in the olive country!! Pitty that, in our formula is no olive (though olive squalan).Is not only my decision I´m an olive lover (so good for skin, so tolerated, so emollient, permeation nehancer...olive has all!!!) But company decision.
    We eat every day a fabulous unrefined extra virgin organic olive oil from a spanish cooperative...that we buy like 30€ 5 liters...Every of my "nonspanish" friends delight...and is amazed when know how cheap liquid gold is..

    Shea is not in our formula.We´d try to take off every possible allergen...and sometimes shea gives crossed sensitivity to latex allergics.We are concerned on this point and is also the reason we are nor using nuts on or formulas...althoug i live on the almondy mallorca...

    About argan I have actually found a cooperative in morocco. The main problem is, althoug their products can be absolutely great, sometimes they are not able to cover up anyting about analythics and legality, at least for our legal purposes. This makes the point I can use their products personally (or at my natural cosmetic trainings) but not for a serious production that we want troubleless...

    :x :\">
  • Hello Patricia,

    I see that you are searching for small producers/retailers.
    So, if you are interested in partnering with a group of women farmers from Morocco who are producing ORGANIC products then read on please.

    I am an Internet Marketer from Florida. I am currently in my home country Morocco. Few weeks ago, I have been contacted by a group of women farmers asking me to help them to market their productions.

    After a first face-to-face contact with them to evaluate what they have to sell, I was surprised with the large variety of ORGANIC products (including Argan Oil) they are offering while they don't live the life they deserve. I decided then to help them improving their lifestyle.

    By the way, they are offering Mediterranean ORGANIC products in form of plants, herbs, spices, seeds, oils, etc, and they will be able to provide any product under client's brand when asked.

    If you are interested in partnering with this group of women farmers, then I would like to hear from you.

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