Where to buy small quantities of raw materials

Greetings to all, and thanks for your help.

Im having troubles finding some raw materials in my country, so im willing to buy some small in volume but expensive raw materials from usa, i want to know if someone knows any company that can sell some materials from web, something like a Amazon or Ebay where i can add my credit card and buy PVP, CARBOMER, PARABENS.

I need a company that let me buy 50Lbs of those materials or arround that wheight, and can make the transportation to my currier company located in Miami FL.

For example "Makingcosmetics inc" sells Carbomer from Amazon, but the prices are just insanes, im looking for something alike with better prices.


  • You could try New Directions in USA.

    Dr. Mike Thair
    Cofounder & Chief Formulator
    Indochine Natural
  • DavidWDavidW Member, PCF student
    Carbomer you can buy in 44# boxes from Essential Ingredients in Georgia
    Many companies can sell you Methylparaben in 110 Lb container
    PVP depends on whcih one you want.  PVP K30 is in 110 Lbs container

    You can buy by credit card over the phone and have them ship to wherever you want.  I am in Miami.  Message me if you want.
  • Thanks @mikethair for your suggestion, the webpage is awesome but the prices are kind of expensive, @davidW thank you too, i just asked for quotes and samples of phenoip waiting for ther response.
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