Cosmetic Label Printer!

Hi!  How are you?  Thank you for taking the time to read my question.

I am starting a small cosmetic company.

  I am in need of a cosmetic printer that can print very small-run labels that are small in size to mid-size.

 0.375" circle label to a 3 and 9/16" x 6" rectangular label.

I have looked at 2 Primera Printers and it seems they can print 1/2" inch labels to bigger labels which won't work for my needs.

My minimum on some of my labels is to small for a print shop to work with.

Can any one suggest a good-quality cosmetic label printer that will meet my needs?  

Thank you so much!


  • Frankly, it is pretty much impossible to print cosmetic labels at home. I sometimes do test runs on my HP colour laser, but on professional material such as Mactac, I just can't run the fuser hot enough to permanently fuse the colours into the plastic, so they tend to rub off.

    Any small print shop should be able to do short runs of say 100 labels or print test sheets for you.
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    Belassi and Bob,

    Thank you so much for your help!
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    Even if question is answered maybe someone that search in the topic can find my tip useful ;)
    I think printer services are really more cost effective than printing your own labels as this field is very competitive.
    For example, in my last bussiness experience (nothing about cosmetics) I knew a german company that is really cheap and high quality product (I ordered bussiness cards). For example: 1000 labels (63€). You can order much less but for me it is the best price-quantity order. And shipping cost are for free... (at least in europe).

    I hope you will find it useful!
  • @CC7 I did a lot of experimentation on printing my own labels and got some good results. Color laser printers don't work. I used an HP Jet Pro 400 M451, which is a very good office printer. It prints well on weather proof polyester labels, but the colors are not vivid. Labels look very dull.
    Then I tried an inkjet, specifically a Canon PIXMA MX922,  with weather proof gloss stock from and the results were amazing. I had to play with the settings a little bit and had some alignment problems, but at the end I was very satisfied with the results. I think it is a good alternative until you have enough volume to get the labels printed.
  • I should add this: plastic pots usually have a taper to them due to the injection moulding process. Printing your own labels then results in the problem that if you do a rectangular label, it will appear curved when applied. It's necessary to design and print to the reverse of that curvature, which involves using a program such as Illustrator or Indesign. And then, how long will it take to accurately cut them all to shape? Your result is unlikely to look professional. Printers have cutting machines that can do that in no time at all, then you just peel the labels and apply.
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  • Yes, jars are a problem. Most of them are tapered and there is no way around if you use rectangular labels. However, there are many pumps and treatment pumps that do not have a taper.
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