Dissolvine GL 47 S

Hello everyone,

Learned of this product on this forum. Wanting to use it as a more readily biodegradable chelate. But have only been able to find a supplier with a 55 lb MOQ. 

Does anyone know of somewhere where I may be able to buy 2 kg at a time? Willing to pay a mark-up for it. 



  • MarkBroussardMarkBroussard Member, Professional Chemist

    CoastSouthwest.  I do not think there is anyone who sells less than 55 lb MOQ.  Where are you located?  If you pay the shipping, I'll be happy to sell you a couple of Kilos.
    Chemist/Microbiologist formulating in the Organic & Naturals arena under ECOCert/Natural Products Assn/Whole Foods/National Organic Program guidelines focused skincare & haircare products. 

    See website for details www.desertinbloomcosmeticslab.com
  • @MarkBroussard

    Thanks Mark. In Canada. Will email your cosmetics lab address. Also, have some questions about contracting your services re: help finalizing prototypes. 

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