New Hair Product Company Looking For Cosmetic Chemist

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Hey Everyone!

I have a Hair Product line that is in the works. We are looking to create and introduce our first product: Hair Pomade

We have a general idea of what were going for and have the ingredient list of a few of our competitors that we like but have some few downfalls.
We are starting everything from scratch packaging, labels, and product.

I have been using a lot of products since grade school. A few companies that I have used recently damaged my hair (discolored from black to brown) and started to notice a lot of my hair falling out)

I want to create a product that is nourishing to the hair and also won't damage.. Looking to use pharmaceutical grade products while staying within the price point of my competitors

If anyone here can help me find someone that has a passion and experience in hair products please let me know. I will definitely bring more business in the future and would love to have a great long-lasting relationship with the chemist.

I have never done anything like this before and don't know how much money it will take to formulate, test, and purchase the reciepe

If you have any further questions you can post on here or email me directly at


  • AylaAyla Member
    Where are you located ?
  • @ayla Im located in Southern California. Not limited by my location.
  • AylaAyla Member
    I'm in France, a little bit too far... :)
  • I actually have a lab and formulations facility within southern California! I've worked on hair pomades before and have a detailed knowledge. Would you be interested in discussion?
  • ytzmeytzme Member
    Hello Piageafshar, I am a Pharmacist, with over thirty years experience in formulating cosmetic products. I would be happy to work with you. Please let me know as much as you can ref. the product that you want, and I will prepare a sample and send it to you. If you like it, you will be able to have the formulation and method of producing it, against payment. If the sample is not what you are looking for, let me know what you like and don't like  about it and I will try and change it to your satisfaction. Only when you get a sample from me that answers all your requirements I  will give you the formulation etc, against payment. NO SATISFACTION, NO PAYMENT & NO COMMITMENT.
  • Did you ever bring your project to fruition? I never heard back from you and just sent an e mail, if you have a formula that has been developed we can certainly use it to make a fill your components. Or we can develop a formula for you, with the above you would own the formula, that is the only difference.
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