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  • Hello, my name is Cassandra, cosmetic chemist and founder of Carmelle Essence. I specialize in skincare and haircare. 
    Location: Houston, TX

  • Hard to beat free.  Maverick Packaging Inc. does contract manufacturing and packaging.  If potential sales are good Maverick will reverse engineer a product and give a quote.  It just takes some negotiation.
  • Kind Manufacturing, we are a certified organic contract manufacturer for cosmetics and pet products. We can do small runs min runs of 500 units. We also do private label and CBD products. Located in NJ about 20 minutes away from Manhattan.
  • Hello everyone,

    Our team consists of two formulation chemists who wish to just survive in this world and want dreams to happen (for both you and us). With a combination of 15 years in the industry, we can provide custom formulations, product solutions and technical support for new and emerging brands.

    Please contact us at with any questions.

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    I have been a cosmetics chemist for 7 years. I work primarily in and with the cannabis industry and have been focusing on CBD for the past 3 years. I specialize in topicals.
  • Hi Everyone!
      I am a senior R&D Cosmetic Chemist with Master of Science Degree .
    I work in an advanced Cosmetic Lab as a R&D Chemist in Los Angeles .
    I can offer the following Services:

          Formulating Personal care products based on the product profile (Anti-Aging Cream and Serum /Eye Cream/Anti-Pollution Cream/Whitening Cream/ Moisturizer /Facial Cleanser/Face Mask/Face and Body Oil/Pain Relief Cream/Body Wash/Shampoo/Conditioner/Hair Mask/Hair Gel and Pomade/Hair, Lash, Brow Growth Serum/Nail Treatment/Lip Gloss/Lip Balm/Foundation/ Sunscreen and SPF Lotion/Tan products/CBD Products)

          Developing new innovative marketable products, revise/reformulate existing formulas and break down/ reverse engineer competitive products

          preparing ingredients list

          Serve as subject expert for chemical compliance regulations for regulatory global compliance

          Working knowledge of OTC Products, FDA regulations and cGMPs

          Ability to color match

          Scale Up and assist as needed in the process of production batches

          Working with best Vendors for raw materials and Assist in the sourcing of new R&D materials

          Stability and compatibility test

    please contact me via:
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    Hi everyone, my name is Ramon Cardona and I'm proudly willing to introduce you all to KosmetikOn. :)

    KosmetikOn is a software development company for cosmetics laboratories. We provide software solutions for formulating and producing cosmetics.

    Feel free to have a look at our website
    Or ask any questions mailing at

    Our software:

    It is a computer application for the management of the Cosmetic R&D laboratory, from the management of raw materials with all their documentation to the creation of formulas, managing the development of all the trials and their associated tests. It allows the regulatory monitoring of formulas, the automatic generation of documentation: qualitative-quantitative formula, list of ingredients, the automatic preparation of the cosmetic dossier, the safety evaluation or any other dossier that could be necessary. Enables the acceleration of formula developments, minimises time lapse from the idea to the market helps avoiding mistakes and helps in the management and preservation of the cosmetic knowledge of the company.

    The program is multilanguage and allows you to have as many languages ​​installed as you like to on the program itself as on the documentation entered.

    Arrange a demo with us and see for yourself how much our software can help your company.

  • Senior formulation chemist & Chemical engineer team with a combined experience of 41 years with formulating every personal care product & OTC imaginable. We have formulated for Internationally-known dermatologists, celebrities, with products sold globally, QVC, HSN, IPSY, Macy's, Target, CVS, Kohls, TJ Maxx, BirchBox and so many more. There has so far not been anything we cannot do as we have a state-of-the-art laboratory & equipment at our disposal for your formulation needs. We enjoy a challenge!
  • Hi Guys, we are professional cosmetics raw materials suppliers for alpha-arbutin, kojic acid dipalmitate, minoxidil sulfate, Vitamin C ether series.

    Check our samples by

    You have any questions on how to compounding a serum or mix alpha-arbutin powder, don't hesitate to contact us anytime.
  • Hello, 
    I am a Cosmetic Chemist and Biologist in Miami, Fl. You may send any inquiries to:

    I am available for personal care formulations in addition to scientific consulting (mammalian cell culture, immunology, flow cytometry, protein purifications, etc).

  • Hi, I'm Dr. Padmavathi. My father, Balaji (30 years experience in the field) and I have a personal care formulation consultancy firm 'Shri Mitra Consultancy' in Chennai, India

    We are capable of formulating modern products, ayurveda and siddha based products, as well as integrating both. 
    We will formulate according to your country's specifications and guidelines.

    We specialize in:
    1. Skin care (cream, lotion, serum, sunscreen products, body wash, face wash, soap, powder, gel, mask, toner, balm, peel, deodorant, mist, etc.)
    2. Hair care (shampoo, conditioner, serum, mask, spray, oil, shampoo bar, etc.)
    3. Oral care (toothpaste, mouth wash, tooth powder, etc)
    4. Baby care (shampoo, body wash, soap, massage oil, diaper rash cream, lotion, etc.)
    5. Pet care (shampoo, turtle polish, etc.)
    6. Other products such as mosquito repellent, hand wash, sanitizer, and home care, industrial and institutional care.

    We can specifically design products for skin and hair conditions including acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkle, fine lines, tanning, dullness, sun protection, dandruff, hair fall, damage, pollution, etc. using both modern scientific actives, as well as natural and ayurvedic actives.
    We can also design products with claims such as sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free, silicone free, natural, vegan, sustainable, ECOCERT approved, pH balanced, GMO free, EO free, PEG free, etc.

    We can help you with:
    1. New product development (matching a benchmark product or developing new one  based on your requirement brief)
    2. Current product improvisation

    We will deliver: 
    1. Product prototype sample (after each iteration as per your brief and feedback)
    2. Formula (with function of each raw material, and manufacturing procedure)
    3. Stability study report
    4. Properties like pH, viscosity, SPF rating, etc report
    5. Microbial study report
    5. Upscaling to production batch
    6. Raw material supplier details
    7. Assist during first production batch
    8. Guide in case of any problem the in future

    We can also provide guidance regarding:
    1. Packaging material
    2. 3rd party manufacturing
    3. Clinical study and post marketing study
    4. Perfume and color selection, supplier details

    For enquiries, please contact:
    Dr. Padmavathi Balaji -
    Balaji Balasubramaniam -

  • Hi, I'm Emmanuel Edoh

    Do you have an idea for a new cosmetic product (Natural/Vegan/Organic/Green) and need assistance in formulating it with the highest quality standards and economic performance? You've found the right person to get your U.S NOP, ECOCERT, COSMOS, ACO certification, etc.

    If you have an idea, I can develop a prototype for the product line according to your requirements and objectives. The method involves the creation and optimisation of the formula, the choice of raw materials, process layout and production method.

    I will formulate natural/vegan/organic/green skincare and a wide range of important cosmetic products as well as personal care anti-ageing products.

    I have a Laboratory where I can effectively formulate cosmetic products that comply with all EU and FDA guidelines.

    I have over 9 years of experience in the formulation of new products, in particular the formulations of cosmetic products, the product development and the chemical manufacturing processes. I have a wide range of QA and QC skills, including Chemical Analytics.

    The scope of my work spans through:
    ✔ Research and Development (R&D)/Formulation
    ✔ Regulatory Compliance
    ✔ Quality Assurance (QA)/Testing
    ✔ Packaging
    ✔ Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
    ✔ Manufacturing
    ✔ Good Manufacturing Practices (ISO 22716)

    💫Formulation with All-Natural/Organic/Vegan/Green Ingredients
    As part of my personal contribution to sustainability, I specialise in formulating cosmetic products with all-natural/organic/vegan/green ingredients such as vegetable oils and butter, essential oils, botanical extracts and powders, floral waters/hydrosols, natural/plant-based preservatives, etc.

    The most essential thing is, I work as per your preferences and requirements. I am also going to work until you get satisfaction.

    If you need some assistance with your project, feel free to give me an offer on Upwork:
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    Dr Pratt's Cosmetic Formulations 

    Dr Pratt's Formulations offers a range of personal care product formulation and consultation services using only Natural/Organic ingredients for certification with US NOP; Eco-cert; COSMOS; ACO and more.

    Our services include natural/organic Custom Formulations, Private Label and Ready to go formulas. Please see our website for more information.


    or send an email through on

    We take on start ups, investment groups, re-formulations, email advice and more recently Reverse Engineering i.e. GC-MS instrumental analysis of a perfume/fragrance you would like to replicate, and one of our scientists will investigate the product methods, fragrance profile and provide you with the closest possible formula.

    Our specialties include Natural/Organic products:

    • Oral Care - Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Tooth polish, Breath Spray for both animals and humans;
    • Organic Skincare; lotions, Creams, Serums, Gels, Masks, Exfoliates, Cleansers, Micellar Waters, Balms, soaps etc
    • Organic Shampoo and Conditioning products for Humans & Animals including dogs, cats and horses;
    • High SPF Natural sunscreens for both animals and humans made for the regulations around your specific region.
    • Perfumery/Essential oil mixing-professional perfumery custom made e.g. Signature Scent for your companies line. Spray and solid perfumes, and for the addition to all products that need a scent.
    • Makeup- Foundation, Lipstick, rouge sticks, primers etc
    • Petcare- Shampoos, Conditioners, Conditioning Shampoos, Toothpaste, bacterial salves, arthritis shampoo, seborraeic shampoo etc

    We can also help you with stability and microbial testing in house, sunscreen testing, regulations, label compliance, branding, point of difference, documentation, packaging, and an overall project management.

    Since Dr Pratt owned a successful cosmetics business for many years, we can take you from initial concepts to final formulas ready for manufacture. At the finalization of your custom made product you will completely own the formula 100%.

    We have a personal approach and are very transparent as we understand that producing a cosmetic product may be one of the biggest decisions of your life and we are here to make sure you are comfortable with every aspect of the work. You can be as involved as you want or let us do the work for you.

    If you would like to chat with Dr Pratt about your ideas or product reviews/reformulations or email advise you can email: or


    Dr Catherine Pratt:
    PhD Organic/Analytical Chemistry & Diploma Cosmetic Chemistry (IPCS)

    Dr Pratt's Cosmetic Formulations-

    Mobile/Whats App- + +61 (0) 423 60 30 68

    Dr. Catherine Pratt
    (B.Sc with HONS I , Ph.D Analytical/Organic Chem and Microbiology), Cosmetic Chemistry IPCS)
  • Solid Experience in Skin and Hair Care Formulation, Scale Up, and Testing for 15 years.  Looking for a Position as a Sr. Formulation Chemist, Manager, or Consultant.  Please, contact me on my yahoo account: OMELNOOR1@YAHOO.COM Please, don't contact me on my g mail account Thank you
  • BioFuran Materials LLC is a manufacturer of short chain fatty acid salts, esters, and ionic liquids. We're located in Pittsburgh, PA and we supply our high quality products in grams to kilogram scale. We also offer contract manufacturing and custom design & formulation.
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    Annur Skincare Academy is specialised in training and recipe creation target at brown skin (skin of colour).

    My name is Dr Nurah Oseni, I have a doctorate degree in Chemistry, with over 10 years experience in New Product Development.
     I help skincare brands to create safe and effective unique recipes that resonates around their customers need  and country legislation.

    Feel free to contact us for training or recipes on;

    • Face and Body Cream/Lotion
    •Facial and Body Wash (Gel and Cream)
    •African Black Soap (Gel and Bar)
    •Foot Cream
    •Hand Cream
    •Toners (AHAs, BHA and Humectants)
    Oil Cleanser
    •Serum (Water, Oil or Emulsion)
    •Facial Mask
    •Gel Moisturizer
    •Glow and Bath Oil
    •Body Butter (Anhydrous and Emulsion)
    •Exfoliator (Scrub and Chemical)
    •Acne Treatment Set
    •Hyperpigmentation Set

    Contact Details






  • Contract Filling and Compounding Services

    WeFillWePack is proud to offer our services to the cosmetic community. We specialize in cosmetic filling and have the capabilities of compounding bulk as well if needed. We can fill in:




         -Airless Pumps

         -Square and Oval Containers

         -Hot fills

    We also can

         -Label (round, top, bottom and front/back)

         -Code (multiple colors available)

         -Shrink wrap (containers and boxes)

         -Induction seal

         -Kit (both for Amazon and retail)

         -Retail box

    We are ISO certified and can accommodate small runs (1000 units) all the way to hundreds of thousands.

    We have experience doing subscription boxes and often ship to FabFitFun and Ipsy.

    If you need compounding services, we can batch thousands of gallons per shift.

    Please visit our website at or call us at 818.445.8331

  • LisetLiset Member

    I am a cosmetic consultant based in Germany making formulation for more than 10 years. From detergents to hair products we can take any project related to personal care. The service include: 

    Research and Development 


    Please contact me with any question

    website: www.

  • WolfWolf Member
    We are exploring the option to  manufacturing, lotions, creams and shampoos inhouse.  Is there anyone in the South New Jersey, Delaware area who might be interested in freelancing to make the products when needed in our facility.

    Please email.

  • Hello Everyone,
    Iam a cosmetic Chemist based in India.I have nearly 6 years of experience working with private label companies in creating their own successful cosmetic/beauty product lines, along with an excelled set of formulation skills. I have created cosmetics, skin, and beauty formulations that have gone on to become bestsellers within their companies . I specialize in organic skin care and hair care  formulations, spa care and wellness products . I encourage all investors or those in search of assistance in creating their own products to contact me. Website Link:
  • hello every one
    my name is Reuben bayo felix
    im a cosmetic chemist  /R&D with 7 year cognate experience working with a private company i can service you with tentative formulations and processs of oral cares,personal care products  eg soap,detergent powder,haircare toothpaste,mouthwash dishwashing shampoos,body cream,bodywash  etc

  • LeoLeo Member
    Senior formulation chemist & Chemical engineer team with a combined experience of 41 years with formulating every personal care product & OTC imaginable. We have formulated for Internationally-known dermatologists, celebrities, with products sold globally, QVC, HSN, IPSY, Macy's, Target, CVS, Kohls, TJ Maxx, BirchBox and so many more. There has so far not been anything we cannot do as we have a state-of-the-art laboratory & equipment at our disposal for your formulation needs. We enjoy a challenge!

  • MicroformulationMicroformulation Member, Professional Chemist
    Microformulation Cosmetic Consulting is a Southeastern US-based Formulation Consultation Service that provides Internet-based services to both start-ups and Commercial accounts. We work with our clients to overcome the barriers they must overcome to get their product into the Market.
    We work with clients to refine their Product Development, design the Formulation, perform Stability Testing, record the Formula in an Industry acceptable format, liaise with your manufacturer and to provide referrals for Manufacturing, Packaging, and Regulatory providers.

    We specialize in Skincare (Creams, Lotions, Sprays), Hair care (Shampoos and Conditioners), CBD, and OTC Products. (We do NOT produce Color Cosmetics).

    For the remainder of 2021 we will be donating $100 of each Formulation Fee to our local No Kill Animal Shelter, Dorchester PAWS (

    Please feel free to contact us. We will provide an initial one-hour consult call at no charge.

    Website: Microformulation Cosmetic Consulting provides Custom Formulations for both large Commercial accounts as well as smaller entrepreneurs. We can provide Naturally compliant Formulations under the NSF, NPA, Whole Foods and USDA Organic Certifications. BS.Pharm Albany College of Pharmacy, Union University.
  • PatDPatD Member
    Are you ready to FOCUS ON THE MARKETING & SALES areas of your business?

    Leave the manufacturing of your product to a trusty business associate


    Then we sure can help you! We work with you to manufacture under your specifications in our European facilities. Or, choose from a pre-approved range of private label formulas. We have a whole technical department and lab to ensure your product is perfect from start to finish.

    Contact me directly at e-mail:, or just fill out our contact form in link above (logo).
    All the best,
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