Salt Spray Help (Part 2)


So my first two forays into making a salt spray turned out a spray that I'm pretty happy with. However, I've noticed that a film forms on the surface if the bottle is left sitting for a while. I'm thinking perhaps I don't have the proper amount of Polysorbate 20 in the recipe, or I should be using a hand blender instead of hand stirring. Here is my recipe:

Water - 480g
Magnesium Sulfate - 60g
Pink Himalayan Salt - 10g
Kelp Bioferment - 8g
Dimethicone 500 - 30g
Polysorbate 20 - 30g
Optiphen - 6g

I'm heating the water to near boiling in pyrex, and then adding all of the pre-mixed ingredients (except the salts) at one time, stirring vigorously, then adding the salts and continuing to stir. Like I said, the product itself is great, but I'd prefer to not have a product I have to shake before each use. Am I using an improper amount of Polysorbate 20? 



  • Bill_TogeBill_Toge Member, Professional Chemist
    my initial suspicion is that your Optiphen and/or dimethicone are separating

    rather than trying to fix this with a solubiliser I'd suggest using a more water-soluble preservative (e.g. DMDMH) in place of the former, and a water-miscible silicone (e.g. DC 193) in place of the latter
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