Stabilize Deo formulation with AlChlor as active

Hi everyone!

Good day!

I have been trying to formulate an antiperspirant/ deo for months now. But I can't seem to make it work, it either seperates or too thick that it doesn't flow in its intended packaging- (roll-on).

I'm using a combination of Steareth2, Steareth21 and Stearyl Alcohol. My Alchor is at 40% ( 50% H20 and 50% Alchlor). 

I tried adding Glycerl Stearate to stabilize the formulation, it stabilize but it becomes too hard.
I also tried homogenizing it helps but it also become too thick with not so good glide on application. 

Any thoughts about this?
It would be a really big help. Thank you so much
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