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Dealing with desperate lab days, I would appreciate any help of you all incredible team. The firm I am working  used to buy from a contract manufacturer a brow soap clear formula.
here are the ingredients:
glycerin (10%)
Phenoxyethanol+ethylhexyl glycerin.
we bought it in bulk, and filled it in plastic, aluminum and glass containers. During the last deliveries we noticed cloudiness that the supplier could not explain so we decided to make in our own lab the same formula so that our clients will continue to have the same product. I have tried any possible way of mixing and I have a white cream instead of clear product. I also added solubilisant LRI for the cloudiness, and also propanodiol. still getting the same white cream. I cannot find a way of solubilising sterareth-21. I see this type of formula everywhere without need of some netrauliser for steareth in other brands.. Any help would be seriously appreciated. Thank you so much in advance


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    I dunno' 'bout "brow soap" having PVP in it...brow fixative maybe? No worries, this product was NOT your idea, so we don't hold you responsible for the conundrum or the outcome. I cannot say what benchmarks you are looking at, but steareth21 will produce a lotion in this config nearly every time. You must use a homolog having higher degree of ethoxylation. Ceteareth-25 is the usual go-to, ceteareth-30 even better.   The fragrance oil itself is emulsifying, so you may want to enhance with butylene glycol, not the propanediol crap. If "natural" index is important, use Brontide from Genomatica.  That much PVP isn't helping the cause either. Given its pseudo-cationic nature, PVP can be a stabilizer or a destabilizer depending on formula conditions - a duality often overlooked by cosmetic chemists. BTW, there is never a need to neutralize nonionic ethoxylates such as these; they are neutral all day.
  • Thank you so much for your advices @chemicalmatt  I am really interested in solving this problem and starting producing the product in house. As for the name, unfortunately its a matter of marketing, I have the same question:-) Already ordered the ceteareth-30 last week and waiting, we will try also butylene glycol for the fragrance.
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