Blue foundation??

A friend of mine showed me a "foundation kit" that included blue foundation.  Having worked with color cosmetics and foundation I was unfamiliar with blue coloring being used to create tones for facial foundation.  Is this a common practice? Does this exists with large make up companies especially ones trying to have 45 shades?


  • Trendy, isn't it? For customers experimental experiences, they can create their own semi-professional(ish) foundation.
  • I think it is a cool idea but the "blue" foundation was something new to me.  I not sure what the common practice outside of my own experience with foundations which did not include indigo/blue coloring.  Needless to say me and this person went round and round about the use of blue on skin tones.
  • PattsiPattsi Member
    @Stanley - The use of blue might come from (just my speculation) when painters paint portraits, some will mix a tad bit of blue when paint the skin of the face area to get the colour effect they want. One that I went to his studio use purple.
    Never have I ever seen a professional makeup artist using it but it might be really handy on Halloween. My humble opinion, it is too California-ish or Florida-ish, will global brands have it or they had it, I don't know.    
  • Crazy, I had never heard of blue foundation before. I do add a very small amount of ultramarine blue pigment to my foundation to match my skin tone.

  • this is the kit.  it is being used to help make different tones.  so i assume using blue foundation is still not a common practice.
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