mineral water mist?

I bought clay high in minerals - and I like to make for myself a mistspray (for face and neck) with lots of these minerals, but of course without the particles. Is it possible to "wash" out the minerals from the clay? 


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    Not likely. Just look at some of the ingredients that purport to have the same "minerals" such as Dead Sea Salts (Caribbean Naturals has one if I recall correctly). https://www.caribnaturalproducts.com/products.html

    Look for an INCI of "Sea Salt."

    Lastly, other than a placebo effect, it is unlikely you are delivering any Cosmetic Benefits from the product. What COSMETIC benefits are you trying to deliver?

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  • yes, some sea salt is ok, but just a small amount. I like to give my skin some minerals - I only use a few drops of oil on my skin, so a mist before the oil is a great idea
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