PEG-150 distearate

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Anyone knows how can i use PEG-150 distearate in shampoo using cold process? i'm dissolving the PEG-150 distearate pellets in heated water (ratio 1/10) then adding it to the shampoo mixture. Is it a good method?
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  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    @Anna_Maria that will not  work, the PEG-150DS will crash out. You need to add some of the amphoteric into that hot solution to prevent that. Do you have cocamidopropyl betaine or another in your formula? An alkanolamide can work too. BTW the easiest method of thickening shampoos  - especially sulfate free ones - that are not salt-responsive is to use acrylate copolymers. These are 30% solutions you just drop in and adjust pH when you are done adding the other stuff. Synthalen W-600 works like a charm. 

  • Heat all surfactants to 60-70C and Peg 150.
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