Handwash for dry and sensitive skin

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Hi everyone 
I want to make a handwash and I don't know the good materials for this product that can add softness to hands and help with dry and sensitive skin
What you recommend  for this particular product.i know PQ-7  but what about cationic guar or PQ-10??is anything else for this??
Thanks 😊 


  • @Sara21 PQ-7 is easier to work with since it comes as a high viscous liquid easy to disperse in water. Nevertheless, for sensitive skin you should worry more about your surfactant system, that's the one that matters more. Check out some formulas from the market, to see what they are using in terms of surfactants.
  • @ketchito
    Thanks .yes they use some mild surfactant but I wonder is there something Instead of PQ-7 to use ???
  • Use acyl isethionate with cationic guar and glycerine
  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    You could also try something like Lamesoft PO65 (Cocoglucoside and Glyceryl Oleate) as it is a lipid layer enhancer.
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