How to keep wet wipes moisture (100% polyester or 80% polyester + 20% rayon)

As my knowledge, wet tissue (wipes) include nonwoven fabric (rayon + polyester) and moisture solution (humectant, water, fragrant...). I saw some cheap product with high proportion polyester and low proportion rayon. Because rayon is more expensive than polyester, so I think they do it for a competitive price. But I don't know how the product can keep the moisture, because the polyester is hydrophobic , not a hydrophilic as the rayon. Do you guys have any idea? Do they basically increase the quantity of humectant or else ? 


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    Spun-bound polypropylene is cheapest nonwoven media around and strong enough web strength to get through the filling/packaging process, which can be considerable tensile stress, believe me. You need to invoke formulation chemistry here more than textile knowledge. If cost is no issue, have you looked into cotton? Absorbs easily and has softer haptics too. Cost is 3X more though.
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