Water resistant face cream(pearl)

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Please I want to make a face cream that will leave a silky white cast and can’t clean easily from sweating. I tried zinc at 1% in my emulsion but it didn’t work. The face cream will be used at night.my Active ingredients are retinol palmitate  2% and papain 0.5%only.I will be using Olivem 1000 3% squalane 10% cetyl alcohol 1 and lotionpro 2%. Please  I need some help. Thank you 


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    ☺️ my name is chinny from Nigeria,sorry I forgot to introduce myself.I’m Happy to be in the mist of well exposed formulators.I know I have so much to learn but am also grateful to share my experiences to a large extent.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    To get more answers accurately, you may have to provide more information.

    Such as your formula, what is the problem you have, ... etc. 
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    What kind of zinc- particle size, coated vs uncoated? 
    When you say it didn't work, in what way- emulsion failed, desired effect not present at all or not present enough?
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    @Chinny Hello. 
    To make a water-resistant cream you may want to change the type of emulsion as a cream base. It should be w/o emulsion. Silicone emulsifiers are the best to create the product you want to formulate.  
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    Ok thank you I will work with this information,am grateful 
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