Weird film/clumps/curdles in foam cleanser with Optiphen Plus

I was testing out a formulation I made for a foam cleanser, and after adding optiphen plus, I could see oily droplets in the product before mixing, and then when I mixed it almost instantly turned into weird clumps and a slightly stretchy, but very well attached film on my mixing stick. I've made a slightly different formulation before and don't remember having any issues... This time I did add the optiphen plus while still hot instead of waiting until it cools like I usually do, could that be the cause? The recipe was very basic, just water, optiphen plus, sodium cocoyl isethionate, cocamidopropyl betaine.


  • @Joy I understand Sodium cocoyl isethionate is stable within a narrow pH range, outside of which, it hydrolyzes. Since Optiphen has Sorbic acid, it might be shifting the pH outside your safe range and due to the high temperature, the hydrolysis of SCI might take place fast. Just a theory, though.
  • JoyJoy Member
    @ketchito oh, that's interesting. I did a quick search online and it says to keep between pH 6-8. I'm pretty sure this recipe is within that range, but I will double check. I will also try re-making it and waiting until cool before adding the optiphen plus. Because this never happened before 🤷‍♀️
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