Repair Shampoo

Hi All

i am formulating a sulfate free silicone free shampoo for for extremely damaged hair .. I getting a very nice shampoo with great sensory feel BUT feel
like getting some fizz 

Below is the formula  (w/w

water balance 
aculyn 28 - 5%

Mirataine BET C-30 —— 25%
Miranol Ultra C-32 — 20%
Hostapon SG —- 10%

Tilamar Quat 2240 
DL Panthenol 75L
Calcium D Panthetonate 
hydrolized Soy Protein 
— total to around 2%

Guar 0.5% (in Glycerine 3%)

euperlan AP3000 - 6%

perfume 1% in Eumelgen 2.4%

Preservative 0.8%
Dow 1501 Silicone 4%
Antil 171 to thicken 2.5%

Ph down to 4.5

Getting great foam and great sensory feel but with all these conditioning agents still getting some frizz in hair and lacking in shine 

is this the surfactant package ?


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