Types of beeswax for lip balm

Hi, need some clarification and help.

I'm currently using the block beeswax to formulate my lip balm (stick) and I've achieved the perfect consistency that I was looking for. 

But, when I switch the same % of beeswax to the pastille type, I'm not achieving the same. It's harder and doesnt glide/gives the balmy softness that i was looking for. I've done many trials by reducing the % beeswax and still not the same consistency that i get with the block beeswax. 

What's the science behind this block of beeswax vs the pastille type? Any advise? 


  • MariaGarciaMariaGarcia Member
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    Hi, Diana1234!

    Can you compare their compositions through their certificates of analysis? Beeswax is a natural product and its composition is not always the same. There are variations depending on the area from which it comes, the way it's been obtained and processed, if it is refined or not, and even from the same hive there may be variations depending on the year of harvest. For instance, here in Spain the composition and behavior of the waxes from the North and those from the South are different, because the South it's hotter, and since the wax softens at 40ºC the bees must ensure that the hives mantains their shape and don't melt when the high temperatures (usually above 40ºC) arrive. So the first thing would be to know if you are really using the same type of wax. I think this may affect the result more than the format...
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