Bubble Mask

What Raw Materials can make the mask bubble? and in which step you apply them to the formula if you like to make bubble mask?


  • GordofGordof Member
    Do you mean a mask that is bubbling up by itself after application? 

    if so it is a O2 enriched raw material INCI Perfluorohexane (and) Perfluorodecalin (and) Pentafluoropropane  name: Fiflow® BB 61 From the "the innovation company"

    Example of making a Product 5433cs-walnut-bubbling-mask-scrub.pdf (theinnovationcompany.fr)

    The Raw material is very expensive and Production and Packaging can be tricky as far as I remember.

    But Products are very interesting if they work. That's the only supplier I know of that can deliver something like that.

    HOpe that helbs. 

    Head of Research and Development 
  • Thank you Gordoff
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