Is something wrong with my homogenizer?

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Hello all!
It's been almost 4 months that i've bought my homogenizer and i have an issue. There is a PTFE part which i'm sending the photo of it; it is somehow melted and it comes out from the homogenizer and destroys the products. The seller told me to change that PTFE part and now they're sending me the new one but i wonder if this is normal. I use the machine very carefully, i clean it everytime i use and never used it when it is dry. I immerse the shaft first and let it wet for a moment then i set it to "3" and use it for 30-40secs then i stop for 5-10 sec then run it again. I'm not using it more than 5-6 mins but i'm still having this problem. I watch other brands videos on youtube, and they use homogenizers continiously without stopping and nothing happens to their machines. Do you think it is about the quality of the product or is this happening all the time? I'm sending the link of the product below 

I'd appricate if you share your opinions!
Thanks in advance!


  • AbdullahAbdullah Member
    What is the motor power and what was the price of product?

    Homogenizers work for very long period of time without any problem. 

    This problem is not common. Looks like this particular product you have purchased had problem.
  • majibomajibo Member
    Hi Abdullah, thanks for your response.
    Below, i'm sending all the info i can find online. 
    The price is around 1700EUR.

    I wonder if all homogenizers has this PTFE part? Or it's just this type of homogenizers? The producer told me to change it when needed, they say it is a comsumable part(which costs 48EUR) but i'm not gonna be happy if i spend 48EUR every 3-4 months. 

    Do you think i should request to change it with a new one or should i completely change the brand and the model?


    Speed with Zero-Load (rpm))

    10000~ 30000

    Process Range H2O(mL)

    10 ~ 40000

    Applicable aggregatesØ4~Ø23 mm
    Noise Level (dB)

    72 dB (30,000 rpm)


    supply voltage (V)

    220V 50/60Hz

    Input / Output Power (W)


    Weight (kg)


    Contact Material

    316L Stainless Steel / PTFE

    Dimensions (W x L x H in mm)


  • AbdullahAbdullah Member
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    Changing the product will solve the problem.
    You can ask them if you change the part, for how long will you not need to change it again. 
    If they said you will never need to change it again, it means only this product has problem. Changing the product or brand both will help.
    If they said you will need to change it every this amount of time then you need to change the brand.

    A good homogenizer doesn't need to change anything regularly. 
  • Bill_TogeBill_Toge Member, Professional Chemist
    that looks like the bushing from the end of the shaft; if it's coming off, that means it doesn't fit properly
    if you're getting the same problem consistently with replacement parts, that suggests the stator assembly itself has been fabricated to a poor standard
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