Isopropyl use in body sprays

There is a lot of conflicting information on this one.  Can I or can i not use isopropyl alcohol when formulating a body spray.  


  • GordofGordof Member
    You can use Isopropyl alcohol for a Body Spray at least in Europe. The smell is more intense than with Ethanol but its cheaper and some internet "analysis Tools" for Cosmetic Formulations rank Isopropoylalcohl better than Ethanol 

    Just be aware of the Concentration and Flammability of the Spry if you put in too much you may need to have to put a flammable Singe on it depending on the country you sell it and Production needs to be Safe for Explosions. 

    Head of Research and Development 
  • haggis112haggis112 Member
    Many thanks for your feedback.  Appreciate it
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