Good cooling effect in shampoo

I have prepared a shampoo and find that when used (me and other people), it doesn't have a cooling effect even though I have 0.75% menthol in the shampoo. I am wondering why doesn't it have a cooling effect with that percentage. Is the Menthol % too low, or is there something in the formulation that is reducing the cooling effect?

my shampoo is just a basic shampoo
SLES (70%) - 16%
Cocamidopropyl Betaine - 5%
Lauryl Glucoside - 3%
CDE - 1%
some plant extracts - 1%
preaervative - 0.1%
Fine salt (thickening)  - QS
Citric acid (for pH adjustment)  -  QS
Fragrance - 1%
Solubilizer - 2% (for menthol)


  • ketchitoketchito Member
    @Annyeap Which type of solubilizer you're using? You can try removing the solubilizer, and use CDE for that purpose (warm the mixture a bit to speed menthol dissolution). Also, you can add some menthyl lactate, since both menthyl lactate and menthol have a synergy. You could even search for a mixture of both, that already has a proper ratio (eutectic).
  • AnnyeapAnnyeap Member
    @ketchito thanks for your recommendation. I am using C12-15 Pareth-12 as my solubilizer. would the solubilier affect the cooling effect?

    Would anything in the shampoo stop the cooling effect from showing?

  • ketchitoketchito Member
    @Annyeap There doesn't seem to be anything that impairs cooling effect in your formula. Nevertheless, try without the solubilizer and disperse Menthol in (warm) CDE, to see how it goes.
  • AnnyeapAnnyeap Member
    @ketchito thanks. i will definately give it a try
  • Annyeap said:
    @ketchito thanks. i will definately give it a try
    Hi did u try?
  • AnnyeapAnnyeap Member
    @Chemaccounts yes i did try and i could actually feel the cooling effect. 

    @ketchito thanks very much for the help. the cooling effect is much better. Can I know what is the reason to premix menthol with CDE instead of a solubilizer? besides CDE, what other surfactants could i mix menthol with if i don't have CDE in the formulation?
  • ketchitoketchito Member
    @Annyeap CDE is not as good solubilizer as Polysorbates, but it's enough for Menthol. Alternatively, you could try with your glucoside instead of CDE (although I've never tried it that way, so I don't know if that would work).
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