Lip balm flavour / scent fade to almost nothing

I've been adding the essential oil or flavour oil to the mixture as a very last step before pouring the lip balm into their containers.

You can barely sense the flavour / scent of the finished product doing it this way,

I also tried

  •  adding the flavour oil or essential oil directly into the containers while pouring.
  •  adding the flavour oil or essential oil directly into the container after it has cooled down and then trying to mash it around. The problem with this method is that it ruins the consistency of the lip balm and it can break off into pieces when pushed out of the tube and it will not be drawn back into the container when retracted once it has been pushed out of the container.
Blending in the flavour oil or essential oil once the lip balm has cooled off, has produced the most strong flavour / scent so far.

Any advice on this?

The essential oils I've been attempting this with are bergapten free versions of lime and grapefruit. These are supposed to be high quality EOs.

The flavour oils I've been using are cola and bubble gum from thesoapkitchen. 

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