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Not exactly cosmetics (apologies)... but I am hoping that somebody may be able to help me with this one. I have a cleaner containing water, EDTA, APG, fragrance, OIT and MIT. This is an existing formulation that I did not write and 99% of the time, is perfect. 1% of the time, a white precipitate drops out. The white material is solid, dissolves back in to liquid when heat is applied. I have tried excluding each material, freeze thaw, overdosing and under dosing raw materials, more acidic, more basic, heat etc... I cannot replicate issues found in manufacturing process. Any ideas?


  • PhilGeisPhilGeis Member, Professional formulator
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    What us water source/quality?
    Is it EDTA as acid or as a Na salt?
    OIT has very poor water solubility.  Shouldn't shoot for much more than 75 ppm unless attempting residual antifungal efficacy on surfaces?  If for preservation, MIT (~100 ppm) with EDTA should be enough.
    Fragrance components can come out but they usually float.
  • Thank you for your reply.
    Water used is mains water, not hard but not DI. EDTA used as aid. Not attempting residual antifungal efficacy or any strong claims, just cleaning. So do you think in certain environments the OIT could be the problem? 
    When analysed, the white bits were thought to be the APG but i also didn't understand this...
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    Potential solubility challenges - OIT, EDTA as acid.  Like you - don't understand APG ppt.  Maybe Perry knows.
  • If you are using lauryl glucoside in cold process it will not mix.
  • @cahealy2 If your formula works 99% of the time, and in all your lab tests, nothing comes out, chances are something in the manufacturer's vessel might be transferred to your product. I've seen this few times, even with a constant cleaning after batches. Is the vessel you use a dedicated one? or they use it to manufacture other products as well?
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