Hotact with emulsified sugar scrubs

Hello everyone! 
I appreciate and thank you in advance.
My intention to use hotact for warning effects for my emulsified sugar scrubs. But, the warming effects never happened, 
here are ingredients:
The ingredients: 
Shea Butter
Olive Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Castor Oil
Emulsified Wax
Stearic acid

Cooling down

Germall Plus

Rosemary Oleoresin



  • GordofGordof Member

    HotAct is a Vanillyl Butyl Ether.  In My Experience it does not work with non-water-containing formulations it needs the water to be activated on the skin. I don't know why it is but I made some Oils based products and I encounter the same problem. If you add water it gets warm immediately. you can try if you see the same effect after Rins of from your scrub. it should give some heating effect after washing off depending on the concentration you used.

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  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    It helps to understand why Vanillyl Butyl Ether causes a heating effect.
    It comes down to hydrogen bonding. The VBE has a free -OH group. When it is mixed with water, the lower energy VBE hydrogen bonds replace some of the water-water hydrogen bonds. Since there is now a reduction in bonding energy, the extra free energy has to go somewhere.  That means it gets converted into heat for the system.  Thus it heats up.

    However, if there is no hydrogen bonding going on in your system, like one that doesn't have water.  No extra heat will be produced. 

    Bottom line: Without water HotAct holds on to it's "heat"
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    @Gordof & @Perry! Thank you so much!
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    Dtdang said:
    Hello everyone! 
    I appreciate and thank you in advance.....
    Can i ask where sells hotact is small quantity ? 
  • DtdangDtdang Member
    Oh, my sale rep sent me the sample.  It is from vantage 
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