What ug/g of silicone/hair provide good conditioning above which it feels heavy?

AbdullahAbdullah Member
About amount of silicone in hair for conditioning,  i have seen charts from suppliers and other papers that shows 30-700 ug/g silicone/hair for conditioning. This is a huge range. 

My Question: what amount of silicone in hair provide good hair conditioning and above what amount it will feel heavy?
If the silicone is Amodimethicone 100k cst. 


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    You’re asking for an objective answer to a subjective question. For some 30 ug/g is not enough. For other people it’s too much
  • AbdullahAbdullah Member
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    @Perry ; thanks
    This chart is about deposition of dimethicone by 3 polymers from Shampoo 
    They all have
    14% SLES
    2% CAPB
    0.2% cationic polymer
    1% dimethicone

    There is a big difference between pq10 and cationic guar. So i asked what amount of silicone deposition should be aim for straight hair and as i am using Amodimethicone i asked about Amodimethicone if it deposit differently than dimethicone.
    Any comments on that.

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