At what level of silicone do I need to reconsider my emulsifiers?

For the most part, I pay little heed to the silicone I use in formulation.  Typically I am using just a kiss of dimethicone to make sure soaping does not raise it's ugly head, and 1-2% of D5 to make for a nice feel, and usually 1% Polymethylsilsesquioxane, just to make sure things feel good.

In the deodorant cream I am currently working silicone levels have exceeded any of my past adventures.  I think getting into the neighborhood of 6% or so.  The formula has an emulsification system of a little gum, a little Zen, and a split of 165 and Montanov L, with a kiss of Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate for good measure.

With the 6-7% silicone level, do I need to use any specialty emulsifier, with an affinity for the silicones?

Glycerol oleate keeps jumping in and out of the formula...depending on my mood... :) 


  • I don't have the answer for this but 

    How much is a kiss of dimethicone and what viscosity are you using? 

    Low viscosity like 5 cst is very effective for reducing soaping and tackiness and increasing spreading and feel.

    For example 0.3% 5 cst eliminates the soaping of 0.6% sodium stearoyl lactylate in lotion with 4% oil phase. 

    It may be a good replacement for your dimethicone and D5. 
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