Climb chalk

Hello everyone!

I am trying to make a climb chalk but with only magnesium carbonate we don't have a white hand for too long. Other thing that I need to fix is that the chalk is too thin and I need something more chunky.
Maybe if I put something based on compact powder ( like a binder ) this will adhere in hand and it will not be agressive to skin. 
But I was searching and the ingredients that I need are lubrificants and I need a dry hand, I am scared that it will ruin the hole thing. 
Do you have any tip? Any ingredient that I may use to agglutinate the chalk to make big blocks and a white dry hand?



  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    I'm unfamiliar with this type of product. Do you have a complete list of ingredients?
  • Vic22kVic22k Member
    Hi Perry! 
    They usually write on label of climb chalks that its a 100% pure product (magnesium carbonate) but there are diference between brands. Sometimes they feels like corn starch and in other brands they looks like a block, this makes me feel that they are some hidden ingredients. 
  • CedarSCedarS Member
    Hi Vic22k, it's been ages since I used climb chalk! But I suspect it's not a hidden ingredient, it's about how the magnesium carbonate was treated and milled. You can get huge differences just from the fineness of grind. 
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