Equipment for larger conditioner batches

Hi, before we start I would like to share that I have searched the subject regarding equipment ;-)

I am hoping someone can help me with recommendations for what equipment I would need for larger trial batches of conditioner. We are looking to make 30-100L batches prior to production. 

Can someone recommend a stirrer/blender/homogeniser that would suit? Our formulation is very thick!  


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    You are looking at a 50GL (200L) jacketed 316SS vessel with a 3-5hp gear-driven side-sweep agitator, plus a clamp-on or imbedded 1.5 - 3.0hp turbine mixer, preferably gear-drive but direct drive will do. A flush-fit bottom ball or gate valve and a Wilden M8 style double-diaphragm pump, some Tygon 1.5 in hose and 304 or 316SS sanitary fittings and you are on your way. Add some VF power invertors for controls for good measure. Assuming you are using low-pressure steam then a board rating of 25psi should be fine. Be advised the smaller kettles are the hardest to source on the used market. You may find many 1000 - 2000 GL kettles with that set-up all over the world, but a 25 - 100GL one? Be patient or have one fabricated.
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